5-Star Review Great Service
Name: Kevin M.
Date: 4/2/2019

I wanted everyone to know the service they gave to me and my family is way above the call of duty… If you looking for alarm and camera don’t shop any further because they do the job very well and their work is very reliable and so class A and so ne… (Read Complete Review)

5-Star Review 13 years of service EXCELLENT
Name: Gino L.
Date: 11/21/2016

Alarms R Us installed a complete alarm system back in 2003 with Smoke detectors, Motion detectors, Carbon monoxide and all window magnetic sensors. Service has been excellent and response in … (Read Complete Review)

5-Star Review Excellent and immediate service
Name: John D.
Date: 10/18/2016

We could not have found a better company than Alarms R us. From the moment they installed all of the equipment to anything we needed they have always been immediately available and wonderful and helpful customer service at anytime. We would highly… (Read Complete Review)

5-Star Review quick and easy, reliable good service
Name: Manuela S.
Date: 8/10/2016

Alarms R Us had very good customer service, a very quick response, and an installation process that was very qu… (Read Complete Review)

5-Star Review VIP service at an affordable price
Name: Mark C.
Date: 2/22/2016

Alarms R Us installed a window and door motion detector and an alarm in my home, as well as a smoke and CO2 detector and a water source in my basement – everything turned out great. It took them a couple of back and forth visits to complete everythin… (Read Complete Review)

5-Star Review They are perfect!
Name: Michael I.
Date: 2/8/2016

We have been using Alarms R Us for twelve years. We have stayed with them for so long because there is no one better than they are! The last time they were here everything went great. They revamped the entire system because it needed a few tweaks and… (Read Complete Review)

5-Star Review Excellent
Name: Carmello P.
Date: 1/29/2016

Alarms R Us is fast to respond any time I have a question or if there is a camera out or incident to repair. They literally respond the same day, all the time. They have a very quick response time for an alarm company–and they get back to me faster … (Read Complete Review)

5-Star Review Great and local old-school service
Name: Nicole F.
Date: 12/21/2015

We own a townhouse in Park $@!#% and Alarms R Us installed alarms in all of it. Everything turned out great. We’ve had work done at different times, and they’ve had to work through logistical issues. There aren’t very many businesses that I recommend… (Read Complete Review)

4-Star Review A great company to work with!
Name: M B.
Date: 12/1/2015

Alarms R Us installed some alarms for us in our building and they did it really well. The equipment is pretty high quality but we haven’t had any issues. The only negative thing was that even though they came and fixed everything, sometimes there are… (Read Complete Review)

5-Star Review Excellent Service!
Name: Manuela S.
Date: 11/3/2015

We have used Alarms R’ Us for the past five years. The team is both professional and courteous. The service is great and reliable. We feel secure and glad to know our safety is in the hands of such a well seasoned business. I recommend their servic… (Read Complete Review)

5-Star Review Wonderful, honest experience!
Name: Kerri C.
Date: 7/28/2015

We have known Alarms R Us for thirty years! They’re very, very nice, sincere people. And you know when someone has that caring personality, that’s how they are. I would recommend them to … (Read Complete Review)