Deciding whether to do business with a large, national alarm company or a smaller, local company often comes down to what kind of service response and relationship a customer wants with their alarm system provider. While national chains can definitely support the majority of most urban and suburban locations, they are not geared for personal service and ongoing relationships. This can make a big difference if a customer wants support that may include ongoing guidance, information updates, personal connection, and local monitoring. Big companies won’t provide this kind of touch because it is too costly for their widespread operation. A small business alarm company based locally, however, thrives on this kind of demand because it is their market niche. Here are some of the key benefits, both short-term and long-term, for going with a local alarm company versus a large national one, according to the experts at Alarms R Us.

Benefits of a Local Alarm Company

Key Benefits

• Local alarm company services are far more responsive and accountable because they can be contacted personally in the same neighborhood or region.

• Local alarm company technicians are far more familiar with the demands local businesses have for their security, as well as the risks in the community that have a higher probability of occurring. National alarm company representatives often just work territories for a few years and then move on, knowing little about specific markets.

• Local alarm companies can potentially be less expensive than national companies because they don’t have to recover a large amount of company infrastructure cost. That frequently allows local service providers to be quite competitive in service pricing.

• National alarm companies often take days and weeks to respond on service needs that are beyond just phone response. Local companies can often quickly send out a crew the same day or the next day.

• Money spent with a local business stays in the local community, which helps the area grow economically. By contracting locally, jobs and employment are supported, which create more customers for other businesses in the area down the road.

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So, if you’re looking at a comparison of alarm installation and monitoring services and you’re sizing up the big national names to a local company like Alarms R Us in the New York City region, think about which company is actually going to respond quickly like a neighbor in your community. One can almost bet consistently that it won’t be one of the big name companies appearing at your doorstep when needed in an emergency. Contact us today at (718) 996-6900 to discover how we can keep your home or business protected.

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