A basic alarm system is just that – basic. It provides a signal or noise to alert you that a perimeter has been breached that is supposed to remain secure except for certain conditions (i.e. a password, code, a key, etc.). Central station monitoring or monitoring in general is an add-on feature that makes a basic alarm more powerful, mainly because using the resource actually ensures a response. It’s well known that an alarm alone won’t stop a burglary or vandalism. A response by security or law enforcement, on the other hand, has serious consequences and reactions for the culprits. Below, our team at Alarms R Us has spelled out the benefits and downfalls of adding central station monitoring to your alarm system.

Centralized Monitoring System

Fast Response Times

Central station monitoring offers multiple benefits to a homeowner or small business. First, there is a live person seeing the signal notice and responding to it. Since time is critical in catching a burglar or responding to a disaster, having responsive monitoring can put a reaction into place far faster than if the signal only went to the building owner.

Accurate Identification of the Problem

Monitoring can cover multiple issues, such as burglary, perimeter breach, and fire, via identification of a problem visually and recording it. A basic perimeter system won’t automatically call a fire truck or a police response; a human being needs to make that decision happen.

Fewer False Alarms

A human monitoring service can avoid mistakes and false alarms by confirming quickly if a call does not need to be addressed immediately. An electronic notice can’t make that distinction, and false alarms can become costly quickly for a homeowner or business owner.

Cost-Associated Upgrade

On the down side, central monitoring does have an ongoing cost associated with it. The service is paid via a monthly subscription fee and maintained for as long as payments are made on a timely basis. That said, simple peace of mind for a low-cost monitoring fee seems like a reasonable trade-off for most homeowners and business owners.

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