There is no question that some home and business insurance providers look kindly on facilities and homes that have security systems. In fact, there is a direct, statistical linkage between the presence of an active, monitored alarm system and a home or business being less of a risk to insure. As a result, some property owners see a reduction or percentage savings on their monthly or annual insurance premium. Today, our team at Alarms R Us will further explore this topic.

Does an Alarm System Qualify Me for an Insurance Discounts

How do I know if my insurance will provide a discount?

Despite the facts stated above, there is no guarantee that an insurance provider will automatically provide a savings for the installation of an alarm system. Some providers simply don’t include this factor in their calculations. Fortunately, many do. You can make sure by simply calling your insurance agent or company. Often, they can answer your questions in a few minutes.

Is there a risk to asking my provider?

Some home and business owners may be worried that contacting their insurance provider will highlight the lack of an alarm system, triggering a higher cost the next time a premium is renewed. Most insurance providers have already calculated that factor into a specific coverage. So, if you have an active alarm system, there is no risk. However if you don’t have a system and you’re worried, there is a way to find out if a discount is available without a direct contact.

Can I find my available discounts online?

Most insurance providers will provide an online list of available discounts that can be potentially applied to a property, including the presence of a viable and confirmed alarm system. Where it is included, the insurance provider will include the option in listed ways of how clients can save on the cost of their coverage.

How can Alarms R Us help?

For home and business owners in the New York City region, Alarms R Us can help identify which insurance companies will provide discount savings. Our technicians and staff are well-versed on which insurance providers will acknowledge the presence of an alarm system and make cost adjustments accordingly. They also have a good idea which companies won’t be so accommodating. A good discount can help offset the cost of a system’s monitoring service, so it’s definitely worth looking into, and we can definitely help. Contact us today at (718) 996-6900 to find out more.

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