In NYC, having an alarm trigger bell or even a full system of alerts is not enough. Reliable security alarm systems for businesses also depend on the support behind the programs and parts in which one has invested. If the monitoring and response are not up to par, then a facility still will be vulnerable to break-in and theft. The deterrent will be figured out very quickly by criminals who will then hit the place at will, knowing full well that there won’t be any response aside from noise. According to the experts at Alarms R Us, here are some key components to look for in a robust business security system.

Business Security Systems

Threat Sensing

A good alarm system comes with support that provides assistance with a range of threats, not just one type. Threats include far more than just a burglar. Fire, natural disaster, accidents, and even gas leaks can create damage to a business and its facilities if not responded to quickly enough. An alarm system that is capable of responding to multiple threats provides far greater protection than a one-dimensional approach. So, at a minimum, a good system should include:

  • Fire and smoke detection.
  • Carbon monoxide buildup detection.
  • Cameras and motion detectors.
  • Perimeter break-in sensors for intrusion.

Immediate Response

Along with sensing threat, a good business security alarm system will take the proactive step of calling for a response when something is going wrong, as well as notifying the owner. Some services say they provide this level of support, but in reality have outsourced this important element to phone-answering services. A good system has a dedicated monitoring service that can interpret the sensor data correctly, call the right responder, and ensure that both the owner and the responder have received a live contact versus just a phone message.

Compatible Software

Integration of systems is an invaluable benefit. Businesses often have equipment from previous systems or protections that have been cobbled together. In many cases, older equipment still can be used and generate acceptable results. The key consideration is whether the equipment is compatible with the software and motherboard used to control the alarm system.

Professional Installation

Professional installation of security alarm systems for businesses is critical. A business owner does not want to be in the position of trying to figure out how to route and wire equipment: connecting closed-circuit cameras to control units to motherboards to a computer.

NYC businesses can find all of the above-listed benefits and critical support by calling Alarms R Us. Our company provides trained technicians who are knowledgeable about cutting-edge alarm technology and equipment, thus providing businesses with complete, integrated systems that are custom-tailored to the their needs. Why struggle with a home-built system or a second-rate option? Go with a quality service provider, and instead focus your time and resources on growing your business.  Contact us today at (718) 996-6900 for a consultation.

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