Finding the best small business security in New York City is not a simple matter of just looking up someone’s Internet business rating guide and going with the first business name at the top of the list. Many times, these types of social media lists have been corrupted with second-rate businesses plugging their own names with fake posts and commentary. This is because many social media business critique sites have no method of confirming that the person posting a comment is indeed a former customer as opposed to the company’s marketing person. Instead, a potential customer needs to look at what a small business security firm actually offers for services. According to the business security experts at Alarms R Us, good services should always include the following benefits:

Small Business Security System

State of the Art Equipment

Customers should not have to guess what equipment they should be using to integrate their new alarm system. They are paying for expertise and that should be provided as a whole package. Also, the alarm system equipment should be compatible with existing equipment if a customer already has an existing system that is only a few years old.

Reliable Support System

The alarm system offered needs to have a dedicated monitoring support center that is staffed by alarm company personnel, not by a third party answering service. Also, the system installation should come with training on how to use it, as well as ongoing support when there are questions or issues. And finally, the system should be warrantied to work when installed professionally, versus ending up as a repair cost for the customer when something malfunctions after being installed.

Good small business security depends on using a holistic approach to security versus just one component. Alarms R Us has been in the business of installing and supporting quality alarm systems in New York City for years, protecting customers from all types of facility risks. Your business doesn’t have to take a gamble every time the doors are closed at night. With the right small business alarm system and monitoring, you can focus your efforts on growing instead of recovering from losses. Contact us today at (718) 996-6900 to learn more and get a free quote.

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