People can’t be blamed for comparing the features of traditional hardwire alarms systems and wireless security products. Both have significant benefits for users in terms of protection and installation, and both have their limitations under different conditions. So before you jump headfirst into taking one side or the other, or commit to a system purchase, it’s a good idea to understand the details of each option. Here are some pros and cons on each option from the experts at Alarms R Us.

Hardwire vs. Wireless Security Systems


Hardwire security systems utilize the equipment that most people are familiar with when it comes to an alarm system. That involves a standard panel that is installed into the wall and connected to the electrical wiring of the building, which acts as the control panel for all other connected equipment. The system also includes the various perimeter trigger equipment installed into the structure, which can include laser beam emitters, magnets, magnetic tape, cameras with closed circuit cabling, and similar. In almost every case, hardwire systems need to be permanently installed into the structure and connected to the building electrical grid. They often also need to be connected to the structure’s phone line system, for a monitoring connection.


A wireless security system uses a secured wireless data feed signal to transmit and receive digital commands between the control panel and equipment installed around a facility or structure. The equipment can be placed just about anywhere there is a viable installation location, and parts are not restricted by their distance from structure wiring. Wireless systems often have maximum flexibility, and can be moved from location to location with very little effort. This can be a huge advantage for users who rent their property and want to secure it but not create any costly damage to the walls or structure.

The Alarms R Us Advantage

The benefits of either system really come to life and tangible detail when a customer works hands on with a trained technician who can explain each system and its features face-to-face. This is a key advantage that Alarms R Us provides consumers and its customers every time they meet to discuss a potential or existing system. The company’s trained technicians learn and practice with every equipment type before every explaining it to a customer. This personal knowledge makes a huge difference for a customer who has detailed questions as to how a given systems works better for his/her facility or home versus an alternative system.

So, if you are considering a new alarm system and are wondering what the difference is between wireless and hardline alarm systems, contact Alarms R Us today at (718) 996-6900. Our team, in the Brooklyn, NY, area, can explain both options and answer all of the questions you throw our way.

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