Home security alarm systems can seem a bit confusing and overwhelming when you start doing your research, especially with all the choices and equipment that you often see marketed. In fact, most residential clients don’t need half of what is pitched to them. Rather than focusing on the equipment, we at Alarms R Us think that the best way to choose an alarm system is to identify what you need based on your living situation.


Most NYC renters don’t plan to stay in one place for 10 years or more, so they often don’t consider their security alarm system options. However, renting a home doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t protect your belongings. With the latest security alarm system technology available, you can find alarm systems that are both flexible and portable.

For the renter, wireless alarm systems are particularly helpful, because they do not require any hardware installation in the residence’s electrical system (likely off limits for a renter). Because these systems are tailored for rental properties, wireless alarm systems offer an advantage for customers who may want to relocate their place of living and their alarm equipment in a few years.


Homeowners, on the other hand, are far more stable and static in terms of their New York residence. You can enjoy the use of security equipment that is far more integrated with your home, such as landline and wireless communication, security cameras, automated locking systems, more durable equipment that can last years, and ongoing support for additional coverage as a house is remodeled or renovated.

Free Consultation & Estimate

Alarms R Us can help you determine the exact equipment system you need to meet your home security needs. Never does our team try to make a customer fit a given product. Instead, we use our expertise and knowledge about hundreds of homes, apartments, condominiums, and lofts to determine your best residential security and perimeter protection plan. Matching your residential needs to the right system means a long-lasting satisfaction with a protection system that works.

If security alarm systems have you bewildered or you’re wondering what to do next, Alarms R Us Security is ready to help. We can help you compare alarm systems and plans to find the right fit. Contact us at (718) 996-6900, and let us help you choose an alarm system tailored just for you. We serve New York residents in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan, and the surrounding areas.

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