Did you know that over one hundred home invasions occur every year in the United States alone? To a homeowner, these statistics emphasize the importance of protecting your home before an invasion occurs. The difference between burglary and home invasion is that burglaries happen to an empty house and home invasions happen when you are home. Most home invasions occur between 6 PM and 6 AM, and the criminal is likely expecting some confrontation and will likely be armed. At Alarms R Us, we always prioritize the safety of our clients and never advise confronting a criminal, so today we’re discussing things you can do to protect yourself and your home.

How to Guard Against Home Invasion

Get Informed

First, we recommend getting well-informed about the tactics home invaders typically use so you can better protect yourself. Home invaders usually target homes where they know there won’t be much resistance. They often try to access important information like PIN numbers or social security numbers and look for valuables like jewelry and cash. Home invaders could also potentially be other types of criminals, like sexual offenders or violent criminals. Also, home invaders will often start by observing a homeowner’s daily routine, including your place of work, shopping habits, and entertainment hangouts.

Follow These Tips to Prevent Home Invasion

To avoid home invasion, follow these tips and practice extreme caution:

  • Watch out for deceptive strangers who pose as salesmen or delivery men.  If you ever feel uncomfortable with a professional in your home, don’t be afraid to ask them to leave immediately and request another company.
  • Know your neighborhood. Be on the lookout for strange things happening around your neighborhood, like a strange car parked outside with a lot of passengers inside. Also, use evening dog walks as an opportunity for neighborhood watch.
  • Protect and fortify your home against home invaders with motion detecting floor lights.  A well-lit home will discourage intruders from attempting an invasion.
  • Include the alarm sign and sticker on your door post and fence.
  • Don’t leave heavy objects carelessly lying in the backyard as home invaders may use such tools to throw through the windows or even cause destruction.
  • Invest in home surveillance cameras

Alarms R Us

Implementing these habits will help keep your home and family safe from home invaders; however, for extra protection, Alarms R Us offers a wide range of security systems including IP cameras, digital cameras, and anti-burglary systems. We offer competitive prices, and our customer service is unmatched by most other security companies in Brooklyn, NY, and beyond. For a free security assessment, contact us today at (718) 996-6900 or get started online.

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