Your customers regularly trust your NY business with information and confidential data. Losing customer information by accident or by an intentional act is far too common, and the damages can be plentiful! The loss of data has the potential not only to create an immediate loss of a sale or account, but it can also have long-term effects such as a damaged business reputation, regulatory penalties, continued identity theft damage, and opportunity loss as future customers turn down an apparent risky vendor.

Allow our team at Alarms R Us to help you protect your customers’ information and your NY business’s reputation.

Assess Your Information Security

Your business has to treat the use of an information security system as an automatic response to protecting a valuable asset, much the same way it would protect its bank account and cash flow. You need to develop an information security plan, especially when your company relies on and handles a large amount of sensitive information daily.

This plan should, at a minimum, provide:

  • Identification of internal and external risks to company security.
  • A data confidentiality risk assessment.
  • An analysis of risks to the integrity of the system that holds and stores the company data.
  • A detailed approach including the processes that will control identified risks.
  • A security system to monitor and test safeguards to make sure they work properly.
  • A means to take in feedback and change the security plan over time.
  • A method you can use to monitor, audit, and check third-party vendors for data management handling risks.
  • A way your business facility can be secured and locked from theft, vandalism, and larceny.

Additionally, your business’s information security plan should include both technological protection as well as physical protection of company data. You must give heed to the traditional means of security, such as physical alarms, access control with passcodes, security cameras, and monitoring of physical stations and storage areas with server equipment.

Securing Your Business

For small businesses, Alarms R Us can help! We’re experts when it comes to physical restriction of business facilities and alarm monitoring. You don’t need to guess and wonder how to jury-rig pieces of equipment from a big box store. Alarms R Us provides complete, small-business security packages that include equipment installation and monitoring.

Stop wasting valuable time and energy by worrying about data loss. Instead, contact Alarms R Us of Brooklyn, NY at (718) 996-6900, and ask about our commercial alarm systems, surveillance, and access control solutions.

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