There is no question that wireless network security has created a quiet revolution with regard to home and small business security. It was not that long ago that people alarmed a building and then left, hoping that the alarm noise and a fairly quick response from law enforcement would protect the asset. Now, folks have the ability to not just protect the property, but to capture the criminal in the act with camera monitoring. Owners can view what’s going on with their property while away, and to literally catch criminals in the act with timely calls to law enforcement. According to the experts at Alarms R Us, much of this revolution has occurred with new wireless benefits that are connected to the Internet.

Wireless Security System

Security in Real Time

Much the same way a high-end commercial building security system can be monitored by guards at a console or with sensors feeding into a computer grid and dashboard, a homeowner or small business owner can enjoy the same benefits. Today’s wireless security systems are able to provide real-time camera monitoring via Internet connections, and they can be connected to closed-circuit camera capability.

Easy Installation

Sensors don’t require an electrical engineering degree to be installed anymore. Wireless network equipment can be installed and set to function in unique and non-traditional environments that would be very expensive to arm in previous years. This can be extremely helpful for folks who need to alarm areas with special needs or restricted access at different times of the day.

24-Hour Monitoring

Back up the newest technology with 24-hour central station monitoring and dedicated customer support, just like traditional alarm systems, and now customers have a highly flexible security solution that can be moved around or reconfigured easily while still maintaining quality protection at home or at work.

Alarms R Us can answer all the questions a New York City customer might have about how to apply and utilize the benefits of wireless network security today. Our technicians and experts are extremely well-versed in the latest wireless products and many of the customized ways the equipment can be used. So, if you’ve been frustrated for years with traditional alarm systems not meeting specific needs, give Alarms R Us a call at (718) 996-6900. Our customer service can go through a number of options, tailoring a system that meets specific interests and demands versus just forcing everyone into the same security system box. Don’t settle for less!

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