Wireless SecurityGone are the days when home and business security systems involve installing and drilling all over a property. With modern technology, wireless network solutions are now the most viable and effective protection alternative. However, they’re not for everyone. Let our team at Alarms R Us walk you through the ups and downs of wireless security systems so you can determine what’s best for your NYC home or business.


There’s a lot of good that comes with a wireless security system. Generally, wireless network solutions have been quite effective in basic perimeter protection, infrared motion detection, smoke and CO2 detection, lighting control for energy efficiency, and camera systems for monitoring. Two of the top benefits we highlight to clients considering this type of system include:

  • Far lower cost of installation versus a traditional system. The installation of a wireless system is so easy that many products are offered as do-it-yourself security that just needs to be secured, like a painting hanging. Not only can this approach save a property owner or user hundreds of dollars in fees, users often have a better idea of how a system works as well as its capabilities.
  • Lack of wiring needed to make the system work. When you have a wireless network, there’s no need to interface with the electrical system of a house (which often requires an electrician’s licensed work). Additionally, you don’t have to worry about property modifications that can significantly add to your costs.


We love our wireless options, but we know they’re not suitable in all situations. Your home or business might be best served by a traditional security system if you have:

  • Large and complex installations. If the wireless network installation becomes too cumbersome or complex, a traditional wiring system may handle the challenges far better.
  • Concerns about durability. If a system needs to work under harsh conditions or is exposed to chemicals (such as in factories), we may suggest a traditional alarm system over a wireless option.

What’s Best for You?

Every home or business is going to be different. You can’t find a product out on the market that works as a default for any given situation. Your best bet is to get a security consultation from our team at Alarms R Us. We’ve been in the business of helping, designing, installing, and supporting security systems in both residential and commercial New York City properties for years. We have the technical knowledge and professional experience to guide you to the system that works best for your needs.

Contact Alarms R Us today at (718) 996-6900 to schedule your security system consultation. 


photo credit: public domain via pixabay

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