There are lots of ways to protect a business, but one of the most reliable is a business alarm system. By simply limiting the amount of time a criminal has to break in and steal items or cause damage, the alarm system can reduce losses as well as potentially help catch the criminal. According to the experts at Alarms R Us, there are several reason to have an alarm system installed for your business. 

Business Security System

Don’t Be an Easy Target

Criminals want easy targets; business alarm systems deter them for a number of reasons. First, by simply being limited in time before a response from law enforcement occurs, the target becomes more difficult. Second, alarms make noise or are connected to alert systems, thus drawing attention. Thieves prefer quiet and no observers. This is why break-ins at business facilities occur primarily at night. Third, targets that don’t have alarms are good choices to hit again. Thieves know that some facility owners tend to be lazy or want to invest their money in other priorities. If a target didn’t have an alarm the first time it was hit, it’s likely not to have one the second time.

Benefits of a Business Alarm System

Business alarm systems offer obvious and not-so-obvious benefits, protecting both its physical assets as well as the intelligence and data kept within its walls. The obvious benefits are:

  • It provides a visible deterrent.
  • The alarm system often makes noise, drawing attention that something is wrong.
  • Connected alarms often bring a law enforcement presence within a few minutes after being triggered.

The not-so-obvious benefits include:

  • Visible business alarm systems tell signal a thief to look for easier targets.
  • Alarm systems reduce business insurance premiums since insurers know alarms statistically reduce crime.
  • A secondary way to call for emergency help during business hours when a 911 call is not possible or not working.
  • An electronic means by which to call firefighting resources when a fire occurs, and often responds to a fire before an owner is aware it’s occurring.
There is no question that a business alarm system has multiple benefits for a business, helping both the bottom line and adding amenities to the business that both employees and customers can benefit from. A business without an alarm system leaves itself vulnerable to crime, as well as to more difficulties in calling for help. Alarms R Us has been in the business of installing and supporting business alarm systems for years. We have the expertise and knowledge to match a company with the best protection available. Contact us at (718) 996-6900 today!
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