Business Alarm SystemYou can find many ways to protect your New York business, but one of the most reliable methods continues to be a business alarm system from Alarms R Us. By simply limiting the amount of time a criminal has to break in and steal anything or cause damage, an alarm system can reduce loss as well as help potentially catch the burglar.

Here’s why: First, by simply limiting the time before law enforcement responds, the thief has a limited ability to take things of value. Second, alarms tend to stay true to their names by making noise or drawing attention to the assailant. Thieves prefer to slip in and out unnoticed, which is why break-ins happen at businesses mostly at night. Third, the presence of an alarm deters thieves from repeat offenses.

Business alarm systems offer both obvious and not-so-obvious benefits for a business, protecting its physical assets as well as the intelligence and data kept inside an office. The obvious benefits include:

  • A visible deterrent.
  • The alarm system often makes noise, bringing attention that something is wrong at the business.
  • Connecting with law enforcement to be there within a few minutes after the alarm is triggered.

The not-so-obvious benefits also help a business as well. These include:

  • Reducing business insurance premiums (insurers know alarms statistically help reduce crime).
  • A secondary way to call for emergency help during business hours when a 911 call is not possible or not working.
  • An electronic means to place an emergency call in case of a fire, often responding to a fire before an owner even knows it’s happening.

There is no question a business alarm system has multiple benefits for a business. Simultaneously, it helps your business’s bottom line while also adding amenities that both employees and customers can benefit from. Alarms R Us has been in the business of installing and supporting business alarm systems in NYC for years. Our team has the expertise and knowledge to match your company with the best protection available.

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Photo credit: Data Thief – Hackers Cyber Crime by via Flickr License

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