With the variety of security alarm systems available today, folks may feel that they have a big choice to make: install a system with professional help, or do it themselves. Clearly, there are some potential cost advantages with a self-installation, but there’s also a trade-off. The do-it-yourself types will definitely want to jump in and set up their own system, and wireless security systems that are now widely available make it extremely easy to do so. However, setting up a home or small business security system can be a bit like doing your own medical diagnosis – being too close to the patient (i.e. yourself) frequently causes people to miss critical issues. Our team at AlarmsRUs has put together a list of benefits to keep in mind as you decide between hiring a professional or installing a system yourself. 

Professionally Installed Security System

Benefits of Professionally Installed Systems

There are some key benefits to having a trained technician manage the installation of a system:

  • First, the technician will often know and have all the right parts handy for challenges and/or custom needs of a given home or office. While equipment often comes with the basic parts needed to set it up, that doesn’t mean all the parts work for every structure. Technicians who already know that certain types of buildings have challenges will bring the extra parts with them. Do-it-yourself types could find themselves making multiple trips to a hardware store or electronic store to get everything that’s needed.
  • Second, trained technicians have a very good idea which different equipment components are supposed to work together. They have a good amount of experience troubleshooting issues and how to solve problems on the spot. A first-time self-installation could get very frustrating and confusing when a problem arises and the owner has no idea how to tackle it.
  • Third, many systems require certain steps to be followed to maintain their warranties. Technicians are aware of these requirements. However, a do-it-yourself installer might violate a warranty by mistake, and then there’s no repair coverage after-the-fact.
For those in the New York City area who truly want to understand the potential differences between a professional installation and a DIY installation, AlarmRUs is available to talk with you. Their trained technicians have years of experience, and knowledge about all the major systems available today for alarm security and monitoring. After an hour of explanation, most folks realize pretty quickly that AlarmsRUs is the way to go for professional alarm system work. Contact us today at (718) 996-6900 to speak with a home security expert.
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