Choosing cameras for a security system can provide some amazing benefits for home and business security, but they also come with a lot of nuances that can make them complicated to install. If you’re trying to decide what is best for your New York City home or office, our team at Alarms R Us is here to help. We’ve spelled it all out for you below so you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

Security Cameras

Security Cameras

Most security cameras follow the same model of visual data capture, feeding that information by wire or conduit to a central repository which then either displays the information on a monitor, records it for later display, or both. Traditional cameras are installed with fairly durable equipment, and they are connected with closed circuit wiring. As a result, they work day and night, but they are only as good as the circuit wiring that connects them. Wireless cameras are far more flexible in that they can be placed in areas without wiring, and they still send visual data feeds as needed. However, their performance is only as good as the signal reception, which is digital and can be compromised by wireless commands. Fortunately, the high majority of break-in risks are not from folks who spend their afternoons breaking into IBM databases.

DIY Camera Packages

Many wireless camera packages are available on the market, and are even available at local big box retailers and hardware stores. These products are frequently packaged with marketing that says they are easy to install and set up, providing the buyer with instant monitoring security. The problem with this approach is that a customer often gets what he pays for. Lower end packages are often a bit difficult for a first-timer to install, and the cameras don’t provide very good detail. For example, a typical home security system camera bought off the shelf doesn’t do well in low, night-time light, and the images are so grainy that it’s hard to see a license plate or a person’s face and make out any detail.

Professional Security Systems

A professional security system package, especially those provided by Alarms R Us, includes equipment that actually performs the way it’s needed to perform. The quality of the equipment is such that it compensates for low light, and it provides enough detail that one can actually make out a person’s face or a license plate number of a nearby car. Further, using a professional technician for the installation ensures that each camera installed is tested and working correctly, whether it is on a circuit wire or operating with a wireless signal.

First-time users may not know what to look for in a faulty camera, only finding out the issue when it’s too late. If you’re looking to keep your home or business safe, work with Alarms R Us, to be sure that the system you bought is working correctly and installed right the first time. Contact us today at (718) 996-6900 or get started online.

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