For decades, security systems have been around to protect NYC businesses and residents from crime and property theft. While some business alarm systems or home security systems are fairly basic, others incorporate highly sensitive advances that have become available only in the last few years. As a result, commercial property owners and homeowners in Brooklyn and Manhattan now have a variety of choices to work with to better meet their needs.

All security systems today, regardless of type, have a few standard components such as the processing unit (that acts as the brain), sensors, keypads for input and control, and alerting devices. From there, however, you can find many differentiating features and categories that meet specific residential or office needs.

Here are just a few of the most common types of alarm systems today:

  • Passive infrared detectors (sensor type): Better known as motion detectors, these security systems are often situated high above a room or in a position to scan a traffic area.
  • Ultrasonic detectors (sensor type): Using sound waves like a sonar, these sensors catch disturbances in sound waves that ping back when there is an intruder. Microwave detectors (sensor type): With the use of microwaves, this security system’s sensor looks for changes in bouncing back microwaves to identify an intruder.
  • Photo-electric beams (sensor type): Using an infrared light beam, the sensor is tripped when the beam is broken by a moving solid.
  • Glass break detection (sensor type): Lined into the glass of facilities, these alarm system sensors are triggered when the surface is broken or shocked enough to exceed an acceptable noise threshold.
  • Strain-sensor cable system (vibration): Used mainly for chain-link fence barriers, these devices pick up movement and impact when someone cuts through or climbs a fence.
  • Passive magnetic field detection (vibration): This security system is good for catching intruders climbing walls or crossing floors, because it emits a field that triggers an alarm when disrupted.
  • E-fields (vibration/motion): Using three different wires to generate a field barrier, these security systems are good for external perimeter sensing of an intruder, especially across field areas and wide yards.

You can find other, more-complicated systems, but they all work on similar principles: If an intruder crosses or severs a barrier, it triggers an alarm. No matter which security system you decide is best for your NYC home or office, remember that all alarm systems require a professional installation to make sure they work correctly.

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