When looking for a home security company, there are several things you need to consider. You want a company that is extremely reliable and can ensure the safety of your residence. And you also want to find a company with a good reputation. At Alarms R Us, we know that finding the right security company is an important decision, so today we’re discussing all the things we believe you should look for before you commit.

What to Look For in a Security Company

Positive Recommendations

Before settling on a security company, it’s a good idea to go online or search in trade journals to find positive reviews from satisfied customers who have used their services. An excellent way to gauge the reputation of a company is by asking friends, co-workers, or family members for recommendations. A security company’s reputation is a combination of positive reviews from customers, history, and customer service, and it can make or break a company.


Extensive experience is also a vital factor to consider in your search. Security companies that have been around for many years shows that they are good at what they do and have what it takes to offer excellent security services. Alarms R Us has been protecting homes and small businesses in the New York Area since 1985.

Additional Things to Look For

  • Extra services offered – Look for any extra services offered by a company. In addition to our basic services, Alarms R Us also includes 24-hour central station monitoring, access control, and medical and life alert services.
  • Warranty – Find out all information regarding available warranties offered by a security company. This will tell you the responsibilities of both parties.
  • Maintenance options – Check if any device maintenance options are offered by the company’s alarm technicians. Every device will need upkeep at some point, so find out if the company will provide that maintenance.
  • Alarm monitoring – Will your alarm system be monitored? Does the company offer 24-hour service? Can you get a discount on insurance premiums with a monitored alarm? Also, keep in mind that alarm monitoring contracts can often save you money if paying yearly instead of monthly.
  • Security packages – Find out if you can bundle services into cost-effective and convenient packages. Alarms R Us offers competitive packages, considering your personal security needs as well as your budget.

At Alarms R Us, we have the experience, extra services, and proven record to provide you with the best security systems available. For a free security assessment in the Brooklyn, New York, area, contact us today at (718) 996-6900 or get started online.

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