If there is one thing about converting files, documents, valuable information, and data into an electronic format, it is that the material follows the “small rule.” The small rule essentially is very practical: the smaller things get, the easier they are to lose or destroy. The same applies to data storage. While a room full of paper files, manila folders, and file cabinets can seem cumbersome and redundant, it’s not easy to lose. All the same information on a flash drive can be easily lost by someone simply dropping the drive out of their pocket. As a result, according to the security experts at Alarms R Us, off-site data storage repeatedly saves businesses every day, and should be implemented at every chance.

Off-Site Data Storage Can Save Your Business

Make a Copy

Off-site data storage can be achieved in a number of ways. The most basic approach is to make an electronic copy of every sensitive hard drive used by a business and keep the secondary storage device in a different physical location. Unfortunately, this approach doesn’t work well on a regular basis because someone has to be responsible for making copies, connecting and disconnecting the backup drives, and identifying which files to copy. That can take time and a lot of effort, as many have previously found using backup tapes.

Secure a Storage Center

The second approach to off-site data storage uses the power of the Internet connecting and duplicating files to a secure storage center. This approach identifies files to be copied. Every time a backup is initiated or scheduled, the system will then examine the files for any changes and copy the latest version once a preliminary set is made. In essence, the new backup becomes a “mirror” of the original working file. Many small businesses rely on professional off-site data storage services to manage such data, so that it can be protected as well as retrieved electronically after a loss. The retrieval process is as simple as downloading and restoring the files in the original structure to a new computer.

Contact the Experts

Data loss and the need for off-site data storage can happen very quickly and with very little warning. Damage to files can happen from mistakes, natural disasters, stolen property, and even disgruntled employees deleting everything in their path on their way out the door. Most businesses can’t afford to reconstruct their critical information and files, so the fastest way to restore existing information is a priority.

Alarms R Us is not just a building security company. Our experts and technicians are also well-versed on advising small businesses and companies on how to protect their valuable data files. With today’s technology, powerful and simple steps can be taken to ensure ongoing operations and minimal loss. Don’t take a bigger risk; if you’re in the Brooklyn, New York, area, call Alarms R Us today at (718) 996-6900 for more details.

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