Security SystemsA common security system installation question we get at Alarms R Us is whether wireless or hardwire (wired) installation is cheaper. At face value, wireless security system equipment may seem cheaper due to the fact that you don’t have to position the equipment on any wall or mess with electrical installation. However, a true cost review includes more than just the equipment purchase. It also includes the expenses of the equipment, installation, monitoring, and other customized features.


Most do-it-yourself packages sold at the retail level can provide a buyer with a basic system for a few hundred dollars at most. However, a good deal doesn’t mean the packages use the best equipment possible; these packages often use a stripped-down approach. When you start looking at good equipment that is reliable and performs consistently, the price starts to go up, with good reason.

Consider security cameras, for example. Retail cameras can go for very little cost, but they produce a grainy photo that can make distinguishing a face or car license plate difficult. Good cameras—while more costly—have low-light capability and high detail that actually does what you need it to do.


You don’t want to invest in a security system (whether wireless or wired) only to have it installed incorrectly. Both wireless and wired systems accrue installation costs. Wireless systems are flexible and don’t require extensive connections and wall work. However, they are still more expensive to install due to the cost of the technician’s work and the higher-quality products.

A hardwire security system will have both the initial cost of the equipment, the technician’s time doing the work, and a startup profit margin included in the cost paid. That cost will vary by security provider, but it also often includes the initial startup of ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting. So, while a hardwire approach may seem more expensive up front, in reality you have to also consider all that comes with this approach as well.


To be worthwhile, you want someone monitoring your system in order to get all the benefits. For monitoring services on both wireless and wired systems, you can expect to pay a monthly subscription.

Assess Your Needs

Alarms R Us understands that there is no default approach to security that works for everyone. Homes and small businesses can benefit from wireless security systems just as much as those from a hardwire system. To determine which is best for your property, we recommend that you work with our professional technicians at Alarms R Us who will work through each specific need. To set up a consultation and estimate, contact Alarms R Us today at (718) 996-6900.


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